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Ambulero is a first mover in the use of cell and gene therapy approaches that rely on a cell adhesion molecule called E-selectin to restore damaged vascular tissues and support wound healing.


We are developing two treatment modalities: one that delivers E-selectin as a gene therapy (AAV) vector and the other as part of an engineered mesenchymal stromal cell (“Supercharged MSCs”).



1.  AMB-301 For Rare Vascular Disease: Our flagship candidate product, AMB-301, is a first-in-class gene therapy for treating a rare form of vascular disease with no widely acceptable standard of care (other than amputation for some patients). This disease is rare in the US (roughly 50,000 patients) but more widespread elsewhere. AMB-301 uses a clinically tested AAV vector to deliver and over-express E-selectin in diseased tissues to jumpstart healing.

2. AMB-201 For Critical Limb Ischemia: Another therapeutic candidate, AMB-201, is a first-in-class gene therapy that uses another clinically tested  AAV vector to deliver and over-express E-selectin in ischemic tissues. The company has a strong interest in developing AMB-201 for  critical limb ischemia (CLI): a major co-morbidity of diabetic patients. We estimate that roughly 2 million people in the US have CLI and about 5-10% will have an amputation as part of their care. Ambulero is working with outside research organizations to develop more cost-effective methods of making AMB-201 for a future CLI clinical trial.


1. AMB-101 “Supercharged MSCs” For Non-Healing Wounds. Our pioneering cell therapy, AMB-101, uses allogeneic mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) and transduces them ex vivo to express E-selectin. We call these transduced MSCs “Supercharged MSCs” to denote a better ability to home to and repair damaged tissue in animal models of  wound healing and ischemic disease.


For more information on our pipeline, feel free to contact us directly

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